3 Easy Expectations for Prophetic Worship

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“ Presentation is the releasing of that song through singing or playing. It is the acting upon that which God has given you.”

Three easy expectations that will increase your confidence to lead prophetic worship.

Many worship leaders experience uncertainty and are apprehensive about having to lead a prophetic worship service.

This often causes them to miss the moment or not engage with a spontaneous song.

We want to turn that nervousness into prophetic courage.

3 Easy Expectations

1. Expect To Use Your Song List As A Springboard Not A Regiment

Every congregation sings their songs of worship together. We start worship with a list so in those moments of worship make room for the prophetic to flow. Your song list does not have to be followed exactly. (Eph. 5:18)

2. Expect Spontaneity But Not Chaos

Spiritual songs are songs that are spontaneous and unrehearsed but expected. Chaos happens when the team is not trained or prepared to flow together. (Col 3:16)

3. Expect Redirection But Not Derailment

The worship experience is like a journey. We want to arrive where God wants us and sometimes, He redirects our plans by highlighting another song on our list or releasing a prophetic song through us. Derailment can happen when we get off track and forget our destination. (Prov. 19:21)

When expectations are clear it is much easier to manage the flow of the spirit in worship.

Consider these expectations the next time you lead worship.

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Dean Mitchum


Dean Mitchum is a renowned worship leader, songwriter, and teacher with a passion for prophetic worship.
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