How Long Should a Prophetic Song Last?

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Prophetic songs are unusual things. Some have few words and some have lots of words.

How do you know what to do or how long to go?

The length of a prophetic song depends on a couple of things. Message and impact.

Sing the message of the song and make it clear. If the song is having an impact continue to flow. When the impact is accomplished then finish the song.

The life cycle of a prophetic song can follow this pattern. Inspiration, presentation, and completion.

Inspiration is that moment that you sense, hear or feel a new song is to come. It may occur at the end of a song or during a song and you decide when to release it.

Presentation is the releasing of that song through singing or playing. It is the acting upon that which God has given you.

Completion is the singing or playing into a conclusion. This can mean to go back into a previous song or making room for another song to flow by continuing a musical cycle of chords.

Having a framework for how a prophetic song flows, along with understanding of message and impact, makes it more likely that you’ll engage in that song and bring the transformation that God desires.

Be bold and release that prophetic song inside of you!

No one should be hindered by worrying about the length of a prophetic song.

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Dean Mitchum


Dean Mitchum is a renowned worship leader, songwriter, and teacher with a passion for prophetic worship.
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