Seven Simple Steps to a Prophetic Worship Leaders Platform

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How do you know if you’re called to lead prophetic worship? When you have a desire to minister through music, a skill to develop, and a heart to serve.

If you think God wants to use your gifts to further His kingdom then follow that path.

1. Believe You Are Called.

God both calls people and looks for volunteers. The disciples heard the voice of Jesus saying “follow me.” Isaiah heard the voice of God saying “whom shall I send?” and volunteered to go.

2. Know the Biblical Role.

What does a prophetic worship leader do? In addition to leading worship, they prophecy through singing and playing spontaneous songs.

They partner with leadership by providing music and songs that move the church forward.

3. Develop Your Skills.

What skills are needed? Singing, playing an instrument, general music theory knowledge, leadership, organization and planning are all great skills to develop for leading prophetic worship.

4. Get Prophetic Training.

Read books such as Prophetic Worship 101. Listen to podcasts such as The Prophetic Worship Leader, and take the Prophetic Psalmist Master Class.

5. Understand the Economic Reality of This Ministry

According to Reach Right, as of 2018, 90% of churches in America have about 350 members or less. Of those, 50% have 100 or less.

With that in mind, you’ll need to plan for this reality. You may need to plan on other sources of income while you move toward the possibility of full time ministry if you desire.

6. Serve Through Your Church.

You should be more than just a musician, this should be your church. The place you plant yourself and build relationships for the seasons that God has.

7. Lead Prophetic Worship.

Make your song list while leaving room for the prophetic flow.

Lead worship in the settings that need you and offer the use of your gifts. That could be personal time, home groups, small groups, the main service, the community or wherever you are needed.

Taking these seven clear steps will help you engage in your calling and experience divine fulfillment.

Take the next steps and follow the call!

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Dean Mitchum


Dean Mitchum is a renowned worship leader, songwriter, and teacher with a passion for prophetic worship.
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