Propel Your Prophetic Worship Flow With These 6 Practice Steps

Propel Your Prophetic Worship Flow With These 6 Practice Steps

If you feel like you’re starting over every time you want to flow in prophetic worship then this email will show you how practicing the prophetic will propel that
worship flow and help you experience seamless prophetic transitions during worship.

Practicing the prophetic is similar to practicing for worship songs. You learn the parts so you can learn the whole. We practice our songs so we can move
into the ministry of worship.

I teach my worship team that the reason we practice is so the congregation can worship without distraction. So the reason we practice the prophetic is so we
can flow without distraction.

What happens we we practice the prophetic? When expectations are clear it’s easier to flow. When its easier to flow we have more confidence. When we are confident the transitions are more seamless. When the transition are seamless we move beyond the skill and into the Spirit, the prophetic flow.

When it comes to the prophetic worship flow I use what I call the Prophetic Worship Framework. That is combining scripture, skill, and spirit into a powerful flow. Learn the scripture and develop your skill so you can flow in the spirit with confidence.

When it comes to practicing prophetic worship, clarity is empowering so I use this simple three-word flow. List, launch, land. I call it the L-evator.

How do you practice the prophetic? You practice the skill of spontaneity. This will allow your tongue to become the pen of a ready writer. (Ps. 45:1) Spontaneity can be described as a willingness to free flow.

Six Practice Steps

  1. Keep the music moving Ps. 49:4 says that we can open up the dark saying upon the at the end of the song continue the musical flow of chords from a section. This becomes a foundation for songs to flow.
  2. Rephrase some words of the song. For example, If I’m singing I Thank God I would continue in that thought by rephrasing thankfulness.
  3. Move into open praise. This is where you don’t limit the subject to the last song.
  4. Hear, see and obey. Look to see, listen to hear what God is saying now.
  5. Launch or release your prophetic song. Launch into a new song and allow the prophetic anointing to flow from you.
  6. Land your song. Transition back to chorus, end your singing or playing, or go to the next song.

Praise and flow, hear and play, see and sing. You’re expressing the heart and mind of God.

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Action Items

Practice these six steps alone.
Practice them with your team before going to the congregation.
David killed the lion and bear then went on to Goliath. He won private battles before his public victories.


Not every song has a flow at the end but every song could, so make room for every service to have breakthrough.

Prophetic Worship Framework is where we combine scripture, skill, and spirit into a powerful prophetic flow.

Practice clarity by using the list, launch, and land approach. The L-evator. We practice the prophetic so we can flow without distraction.

Thanks for reading and being willing to express the heart and mind of God through music!

Dean Mitchum

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