Recognize Your Season of Reformation and Transformation

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This is it. That which you’ve been expecting and longing for is here. The answer to your riddle, the solution to your problem, the change that you’ve been desperately needing is now here. Recognize it.

Reformation is doing and transformation is being. Reformation is what I do and transformation is who I am.

Reformation relates to times, seasons, and purposes. Transformation relates to people, cities, and nations.

For This Reason, Season, Purpose

1 John 3:8 For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.

This verse shows and identity and mission. Jesus, the Son of God, destroying the works off the devil, purpose. Reformation and transformation, identity and mission.
This is the season for you to be who you’re supposed to be and to do what you’re supposed to do.

Why does God need you to recognize your season of reformation and transformation? Because He is doing a new thing and wants you to partner with Him.

Isa. 43:19 declares that God is doing new thing. See and perceive are both directives in the scripture for us to recognize who He is doing. Recognize that we have a role in God’s plans.

Colossians 1:26 tells us that the divine mystery is now being revealed. Recognize it and partner with God.

Partner with God for Reformation

Within the global apostolic reformation is a worship reformation. Rev. 21:3 tells us to behold, look, and see, that the Tabernacle of God is with man.

This is the reformation of worship. To move from David’s tabernacle to God’s tabernacle.

God’s is calling forth His partners like the army of stars in sky, by name. Isaiah 40:26

To discover His Glory in a new way. To see what we haven’t seen before. Prov. 25:2

Partner With God by Elevating Your Praise.

At one time, Bishop Hamon asked to see what the praise from man gives God that praise form angels does not give him.

I came up with two examples. Praise from man gives God appreciation through the song of the redeemed and praise from man gives God access to His kingdom on earth.

As believers we get to sing a song that the angels cannot sing. The song of the redeemed. The salvation song of God’s love. Ps. 40:2.

As Bill Johnson of Redding tells us, there is a song of worship that we can only offer this side of heaven. A song of praise in the midst of pain. I call it a song of trust.

Both of these songs are beautiful in the offering but God also has songs for us to sing that elevate our praise.

That is the song of authority and the song of victory. When we worship according to Ps. 22:3, we actually give God access to His kingdom here on earth. He inhabits our praise.

We also enforce the power of God’s victories through the weapon of praise. Ps. 8:2.
We partner with God for reformation when we elevate praise by including songs of authority and victory along with our songs of redemption and trust.

Partner With God by Elevating Our Victories.

David went from killing a lion and a bear, to killing a giant. He won personal battles so he could trust God to win national battles. The elevation of victories was David’s way of partnering with God.

David killed both the lion and the bear to protect, but he killed the giant to defeat the enemy and clear the way for great victories.

He shut the mouth of the lion, broke the claw of the bear, and silenced the words of the giant.

This is your season of elevation of victories in order to partner with God’s reformation.

Partner With God for Transformation

There is a double portion when you combine doing and being. Being and doing. Reformation and transformation.

Elisha pursued Elijah so that he would get the double portion.
He followed him through Bethel where God changed theme of Jacob to Israel. God spoke to the identity of Jacob and brought him transformation through his name change. It was time for Jacob to become Israel.

Elisha followed Elijah through Jericho, the city of Benjamin. God also changed the identity of Benjamin through his father. His mother to called him Benoni but his father intervened and called him Benjamin. From som of my sorrow to son of my right hand.

When God speak to who you are it effects what you do. Let God bring you a new identity today.

Recognize your season of reformation and transformation. Partner with God for his plans of reformation and transformation.

Write your decree of reformation and transformation. Write your declaration of identity and statement of mission.
For this reason/season was “” made manifest, that they might “___.”

God has promised every believer reformation and transformation.

We will see God in a new way through this season. We will see a greater recognition of Him for who He is and what He does, who we area and what we do.

Recognize your season of reformation and transformation. This is it!

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