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Worship Is Too Important To Leave Out God’s Response

Stop The Uncertainty And Thrive In The Flow Of Prophetic Worship
Gain Authority
Gain Confidence
Experience Breakthrough

Gain Authority

Learn what the Bible says about the importance of prophetic worship.

Gain Confidence

Learn the practical skills of flowing in the spirit and avoiding chaos.

Experience Breakthrough

Grow in spiritual courage that yields breakthrough.

We don't just care about worship. We care about you fulfilling your call as a prophetic worship leader.

Dean & Lisa Mitchum

40 years of leading worship, writing songs, and making music. Serving as the Worship Pastors for Apostles Tom and Jane Hamon, and Bishop Bill Hamon of Christian International for the last 27 years.

Flexible and Tailored Training Options

Enrollment Options

Choose Your Enrollment Level. Purchase Your Course. Attend The Classes.

Audit Level

$349 $399

(Sale Ends August 17th)
R10 Video Lessons
R6 Live Zoom Classes
RCourse Manual and Books
RPrivate Community

Perfect for worship leaders, team members, and anyone who wants a better understanding of the implementation of prophetic worship.

Certificate Level

$629 $699

(Sale Ends August 17th)
RAudit Level PLUS
RLead A Worship Session
R1 Private Coaching Session
RFinal Exam and Certification

Perfect for worship leaders who want to challenge their knowledge level and grow through the evaluation process to thrive in prophetic worship.


Coaching Level

$1599 $1699

(Sale Ends August 17th)
RCertification Level PLUS
R6 Private Coaching Sessions
RPersonal Growth Strategy
RMusic Production Strategy

Perfect for those who feel called to lead worship, write songs, and make music so they can help build the Kingdom using their creativity and skills.

How It Works

Enroll And Watch The Video Lessons In Preparation For The Live Classes
Live Class Schedule Fall Semester Mondays From 4 PM - 6 PM Central Time USA
  • Understanding The Ministry Of Prophetic Worship
  • How Prophetic Worship Leaders Serve The Church
  • Understanding The Prophetic Worship Framework
  • Understanding Instrumental Prophecy
  • Releasing Prophetic Songs
  • Songwriting And The Prophetic
  • Propel Your Prophetic Flow With These Six Practice Steps
  • How To Lead Prophetic Worship With Confidence
  • How To Establish Prophetic Worship In Your Church
  • Putting It All Together
  • Monday, September 16, 2024
  • Monday,  September 23, 2024
  • Monday,  September 30, 2024
  • Monday,  October 7, 2024
  • Monday,  October 21, 2024
  • Monday, November 4, 2024

Proven Solutions for Prophetic Worship Training.

With more and more worship leaders desiring to follow the Lord in worship, the need for training has increased. With online training from our Prophetic Worship School, you’ll be flowing in confidence without having to go to college or go in debt.

Our online school offers recorded lessons and live online classrooms with three pricing options to fit varying needs.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a spontaneous musician, you can learn how to use the framework of music to release powerful prophetic worship because you’ll be confident in hearing the word of God and assembling musical ideas into an organized free flow.

No matter what role you fill in worship ministry, you will benefit greatly from understanding the scripture, skill, and spirit that it takes to flow in response to the leading of the Lord.

Explore More Resources

In addition to our Prophetic Worship School, Dean Mitchum offers a wealth of resources to help you grow in your relationship with God and your understanding of prophetic worship. Explore our YouTube channel and blog for inspiring teachings, practical tips, and insights into the world of prophetic worship.

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